13 July 2015

Santa Fe Travel Guide: Places to go

Valles Caldera National Preserve (link)- free to view
What a place!! The caldera is probably my favorite place in New Mexico. It isn't in Santa Fe proper, but is worth the drive. A caldera is formed when a super volcano erupts and consequently collapses. This one is vast and beautiful. In the winter, Josh and I like to go sledding across the road. In the summer, we like to go hiking, fishing, hit the hot springs, then on the drive back to Santi, stop at the Caldera to take a look. One time we were lucky enough to stop and see a gigantic herd of elk in the middle of the caldera!

Loretto Line Bus Tour (here)- $15
As a big open air bus tour junkie, I naturally took my Mom visiting as the perfect excuse to go on this tour in my own city. The tour guide was great. The views were great. Being the youngest one on the bus by 30 years was great. It is an hour and fifteen minutes long and hits all of the high notes of Santa Fe's history.

San Miguel Mission (here)- $1
Old church stop #1. Where else, besides Europe, are you going to see a church that was finished between 1610 and 1625? This church claims to be the oldest church in North America, and has not been disputed. It is a great example of true adobe- you can see the straw sticking out of the side of the building. If you are of the Catholic affiliation, they still hold mass in the church each Sunday.

Loretto Chapel (here)- $3
Old church stop #2. Home of the "miracle staircase." I will let you read about that on your own. This church is owned by a private family and only hosts weddings now. If you take me here, I will tell you about how I think the "miracle staircase" may be a scam. :)

Santa Fe Double Take (here)
Largest. Resale. Shop. Ever. They have five different shops in an old Coca Cola factory building- baby/children, adult, western wear, high end vintage, and furniture/homewares. I never leave empty handed!

Canyon Road- free
I have a jaded view of Canyon Road, because I've worked on Canyon Road, but when I step away from that it really is a cool place. There isn't any other place where you can find 130+ art galleries on one street. On this one road you can see antiquities, contemporary art, modern art, cowboy art, yard art. The list could go on.

Museum of International Folk Art (here)- $9
Coolest museum in town! This one houses all kinds of different folk art pieces from across the world. The last rotating installation I saw was of colorful, wood carved animals. I think folk art is more relatable than fine art almost all of the time. It's also very colorful and fun!

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