08 September 2015

Confession #74

Once upon a time, my sister gave me a L.L. Bean canvas "married bag" for my college graduation. It was a "married bag" because it had my married initials on it. I love it and have been using it as my carry-on bag ever since. The only downfall to it is that it is canvas- light cream in color, so it shows dirt really easily. All of the item information says not to wash it in the washing machine. In all of the blog entries on this, they say not to machine wash. 

But I am here to tell you today that I defiantly put mine in the washing machine and it came out FINE.

How to Wash Your Canvas Tote:
1. Bring bag on countless trips and everyday to work.
2. Put bag in washing machine, warm/cold water with regular detergent.
3. Wash on delicate, shortest time.
4. Roll towels up and put in bag to hold its shape.
5. Leave to air dry.
6. Flaunt your clean tote to those who are less brave.

PS: These tote bags are wonderful, handmade in Maine and are made to last. Highly recommend.

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