10 September 2015

Confession #75

MM at my dad's yearly Trap Shoot.
The longer I live, the smaller the world gets. I now present to you a curious case of a guy making connections with people from various stages of my life.

My boy cousins and I first met Michael in high school at YoungLife. Later, the boy cousins went to college with him and they became good friends.

During college, my friend April studied abroad in Australia. Who else was in her program? Michael Miller.

After my Mom and Dad built their new house, cousin Nathan moved in and has two roommates. Who is one of the roommates? Michael Miller.

Who lives in my former room? Michael Miller.

Who now comes to my Dad's annual Trap Shoot? Michael Miller.

This was the craziest connection- One day as I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw one of my friends from middle school/Girl Scouts/softball in Louisiana had gone to Europe. Who did she meet up with?! Michael Miller.

I can't wait to see which of my family members and friends he encounters next! They're all great!

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