14 September 2015

Confession #76

Salon Style Photo Hanging
I have a nitpicky confession today.

"Gallery Walls" are very popular in home decorating these days. I really enjoy them! They are a great way to display all of that work you acquire in art school and the art industry. Or family photos!


The hanging style that people are actually talking about is "salon style". Salon style hanging comes from The Salon in Paris. It was an annual show from 1748-1890 and was the most important art showing at that time. There was a lot of art to show, so instead of hanging it as a museum gallery is hung, they started stacking paintings on the wall, floor to ceiling. Although, I'm sure people did this in their homes before this show. So really, we should be calling them "Salon Walls".

Next time on nitpicky confessions, I'll talk about how when people call houses "open concept" it's annoying!
Gallery Style Hanging

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