24 September 2015

Confession #78

Camino Sierra Vista Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico; July 2015
People ask me all the time if I like Santa Fe. Usually I just say that I do like it to avoid conversation about it. But for the record, no, I do not like Santa Fe or New Mexico. And not because it's not Texas! I have tried my hardest for 3 years to adapt to all of these things, but it seems I can't.

My Laundry List:
1. People are not nice or even polite to each other most of the time.
2. My car has been hit twice while parked.
3. Josh had a tail light stolen off of his trucked parked in front of our house.
4. I've been around for 4 robberies in 2015 alone.
5. Drivers are erratic and aggressive.
6. People are very unreliable and will not commit to things.
7. It's weird that Santa Fe doesn't have a reliable airport. You have to drive to Albuquerque.
8. Lack of good jobs for people my age.
9. Restaurants all close really early.
10. The real estate market is completely ridiculous. There's no reason a mud house that isn't updated is worth $300,000.
11. The vegan/eco-friendly/nature/raw people in town are OBNOXIOUS. There, I said it. I feel better now.

Santa Fe Things that I do like:
1. The mountains
2. Lack of traffic
3. Weather- warm in the summer, snows in the winter, low humidity
4. Hollyhocks

1 comment:

  1. In years to come, as you look back on this time in your life, you will realize that you and Josh became closer and more dependent on each other because you were not living near close relatives. That's what happened to your Mom and I when we lived in Maine. Being there for each other is what counts most. Some things in life can be frustrating, but they are usually temporary. Mom and I are very proud of you!