21 September 2015

Field Trip: Buena Vista, Colorado

Rainbow Lake Resort, Buena Vista, Colorado
This past weekend, Josh and I loaded up Tacoma and headed north to bigger mountains in Colorado. Josh has been to Buena Vista several times before and was wanting to bring me, so we decided to go for a little anniversary trip. It is so beautiful up there! Their aspens just started to change colors. There are all sorts of things to do in that area. We played disc golf, went fishing, visited the hot springs, played board games, tried to go horseback riding and gawked at all of the mountains. We didn't get to go horseback riding because they were starting to shut things down for the winter. I will need to go back at some point because I befriended some ducks that were really cute.

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
An albino trout Josh caught!!
Mt. Princeton- 14,196' 
Playing Power Grid while watching "Happy Endings"

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