28 September 2015

Master Bedroom

 Ok, I think I'm done with this room. There have been so many versions of it, but this version is best! Our house was built in the late 1950s (there is a date stamped into our driveway, but some of the digits are rubbed out), so our rooms are really small, but have great storage. This bedroom is oddly shaped, but both of us are on the thinner side, so we are able to squeeze around our furniture! It gets really great light all through the day, which is great for keeping it warm in the winter. We found this bed frame on craigslist and painted it white (it was particle wood and could not be refinished). Special note on the curtains- they are velveteen 95" panels from Target and I love them. They block out a lot of light even though they don't have blackout lining and they make the room really quiet. Perfect for a napper such as myself.

This is one of my most favorite closets I've had. So many storage options in such a small space! I like being able to see everything at the same time.

Where is that from?
bedframe- craigslist; red dresser- ikea; wooden dresser- vintage; white bedside table- amazon; rug- tj maxx; lamps- target; duvet cover- target; bedspread- tuesday morning; throw pillows- dillard's; euro pillows- i made them out of amy butler fabric; jewelry tree- world market; curtains- target; curtain rod- lowe's; botanical prints- instant wall art: botanical prints book; silhouette portraits- i made them; decorative mirror- tj maxx; wooden dresser knobs- hobby lobby; cardboard letters- hobby lobby

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