07 September 2015

San Antonio Summer Trip 2015

It's always a fun time in San Antonio!

This time I:
Played with my #1 Garrett
Snuggled Pup
Tiled a shower surround
Tiled a floor
Assisted in light fixture installs
Visited with college friend Kerri
Painted a room
Vacuumed a couch
Vacuumed a car
Visited with high school friend April
Drove a BMW
Sweated at least 20 gallons
Got caught up on "Renovation Realities"
Visited two ATX friends, KayLynn and Amber
Made a pilgrimage to Kerbey Lane
Ate In-n-Out too much
Waved at my college alma mater
Visited Mrs. Sally my quilty friend
Was reminded that Texans are the friendliest people on earth

But most importantly:
Had lots of quality sister time


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