29 October 2015

Field Trip: San Diego Zoo

Pumped to be on a gondola
What a zoo!! Even though it pains me to see animals in zoos, my fellow animal enthusiast friend Adria said that this one was a must-see. Josh and I both loved it. We got to see a lot of our favorite animals and a few that neither of us had ever seen before. The pandas were really cute, but the real show stopper was the tazmanian devil. He had a beaten path in his enclosure that he would run and run around. Occasionally he would stop and roll around, but mostly he would do this cute running routine. We also got to see one of the elephants demonstrate the "enrichment" toys the zoo gives them. In this case, her trainer filled a giant kong toy with elephant treats and put it in a hay net. The elephant would then have to figure out that if they lifted the net up, treats would fall out of the kong toy. It was neat to see the elephant's nose root around on the ground to find the treats.
Josh's spirit animal, the otter
Tried to face my fear of bears, but I am still terrified of them.
This polar bear was so fun. Like the elephant, this polar bear had been given an "enrichment" toy. It was a 55 gallon plastic barrel. I have one in my backyard exactly like this collecting rain water. There is a video of her playing below, but she would swim around it, bite it, nose it around. It was really funny to see the little kids get right up next to her through the glass. They weren't scared at all!

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