04 November 2015

Field Trip: San Diego Art Institute

Wooohoooo! Gender study art!!
Poor Josh.
I wasn't expecting the Art Institute to have such contemporary work, but they also only had one collection up while Josh and I were visiting. It was a great grouping of artists and the topic was thoroughly explored. This collection was focused on handmade items exploring the thought of typically male items made by a traditionally female hand craft. Embroidered jumper cables. "Skin" made of panty hose. General contemporary art shenanigans.
Black Extensions by Rose Eken
YEO Crossword by Paddy Hartley
Pedalboard with Yellow Lighter by Rose Eken
Skin by Sheena Rae Dowling
Becoming Molly McIntire by Caroline Wells Chandler
Mama by Katya Usvitsky

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