13 November 2015

Fun Holiday Dresses

Boden, $118 (here)
It's the most wonderful time of the year for dressing up! In some respects, the holiday season is my fashion super bowl. There are family gatherings, Christmas Eve Silent Lord's Supper, Christmas parties and maybe even a ballet to get dressed for. Love it. I don't think "dressing up" for church is necessary, but for myself I think of it as a sign of respect, so I usually like to put my best foot forward. Anyway, here are some cute dresses!
Boden $148 (here)
Boden $208 (here)
Target $27.99 (here)
Anthropologie $148 (here)
Anthropologie $188 (here)
Anthropologie $355 (here)
Old Navy $36.94 (here)
J. Crew $550 (here)
Target $29.99 (here)

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