23 March 2016

How To: Get Your Best Caulk Line

One of my favorite pastimes is caulking. I think I get this from my Granny, who caulked every last corner of her house. I do think I use caulk a little more sparingly than she did. Today's caulk job is our pink palace bathroom. This house was built in the late 1950s, and yes, the tub is pink. After being personally victimized by several spiders crawling into and out of the cracks in the grout around the bathroom, I decided to caulk it up!

 STEP ONE: Clean the area to be caulked with great detail. If dirt gets into the caulk, it's done. If hair gets into the caulk, it's done. Make sure the area is clean! If you want to get really intense, bleach the work area before getting started. That would make sure you killed the mold that is surely growing back there, before just covering it up.
 STEP TWO: You don't really have to do this, but I highly recommend getting a blow dryer after the crack that you've just cleaned. Even if I've cleaned the area and left it to dry, blow drying it gives me more confidence that the crack is REALLY dry.
 STEP THREE: Tape that sucker up. I usually only tape along the bottom of the work area, because I can typically do a neat enough job to not need the top covered up. I do think the brand name blue tape is the best tape. This was a lesson learned in art school, but there is no other tape that does as good of a job of keeping a clean line as the blue tape.
 STEP FOUR: Cut that caulk open! Cut it at an angle, because it comes out neater that way. For this job, I chose a multipurpose, gray colored Dap brand caulk. I decided on the gray, because the grout in this room is gray.
STEP FIVE: Apply the caulk along the tape line. It might take you a few beads to get used to the feel of the gun and how fast the caulk is going to come out.
STEP SIX: Wet your pointer finger. Applying light pressure, run your finger along the caulk line to smooth it out and squish it down.

 STEP SEVEN: Carefully pull the tape up and away from your caulk line.
STEP EIGHT: Wet your finger again and run it along the grout line again. This helps smooth out the lip that the tape creates.
 Yuuusssssss. I feel better about the spider situation in here now.

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