28 March 2016

How To: Terrariums

You guys.
Terrariums are really fun.
But this is coming from a girl who really loves tiny things and animals.
The girls at church and I threw our friend Adria a baby shower and the theme was "Woodland Creatures." I did the flowers, but thought it would be fun to do a couple of terrariums instead of small flower arrangements. These ended up being really easy to make. The only difficult thing was finding the materials. I mainly blame that on Santa Fe and the size/selection of stores. Everything I purchased ended up being from JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. My old faithfuls!

So here is what you do.
1. Put some rocks/pebbles of some sort in the bottom of a glass container.
2. Layer some moss in the middle. I lightly sprayed mine with water to help it lay down.
3. Top it off with all of the cute tiny things you can possibly fit in the container.

These terrariums didn't have any live plants (like succulents) or live moss in them, so there is no dirt or accommodations for life in the glass containers. I am horrible with succulents, so I will not even try to tell you how to make a terrarium with them.

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