21 March 2016

Kitchen Makeover

Ahhhhh! This has been a long time coming. Those who know me know that I am not a pink person. When Josh and I first looked at this house to rent, we both agreed that the pink kitchen cabinets had to go. I didn't want to hurt my land lady's feelings, so I put off asking her if we could paint the kitchen for a long time. About 3 years to be exact. This is her late mother's house and I wasn't sure how to ask if she was attached to the cabinet color. I finally gathered my courage and asked her. She said, "Of course! Paint it whatever color makes you happy. I'll even pay you for your work." Ummm, ok!!!


I started by taking all of the doors and hardware off of the cabinets. Seeing the amount of junk we have in those cabinets was overwhelming, but conveniently I needed to put plastic over all of it to protect the insides of the cabinets.
 My land lady said that when her mom lived here, the cabinets were the turquoise color I uncovered while sanding. That color would have also been a good color for this kitchen!
Yaaahhhhsssss. This was after the first two coats of primer. I used Kilz Indoor Primer for both the cabinets and frames. That is good stuff. It covered two very different and one very dark, coats of old paint flawlessly.
This is after several coats of Ultra White by Valspar.
 The baseboards in this house are pretty weird, including the ones in the kitchen. Someone added black rubber baseboards under the kitchen cabinets, but then they tried to butt the tile up against them. They should have removed the weird rubber baseboard, tiled and then added a different baseboard. I didn't want to cut the rubber thing out and I definitely couldn't get all of it out from under the tile, so I painted it white and added quarter round. The quarter round covers this nasty gap that was between the tile and baseboard, so now things don't get trapped in the gap. I cannot believe how much better it looks! While caulking the new quarter round, I also redid all of the caulk along the base trim in the kitchen. I would love to have a word with whoever did the trim work in this house. Just to point out the bad job they did. :)

*pleasant sigh*

 I didn't want our dirty recycling bin to taint my clean, white kitchen, so it got a little privacy curtain.