24 March 2016

Living Room Update

I guess a combination of living here for almost three years and working from home has led to much redecorating. I'm not even sorry! The living room has had a few updates. We moved green bench over to the living area for more seating and bought a new by the door bench to accommodate our shoes better. After moving the living room curtains into the kitchen, I made new navy linen curtains for the living room. We also moved the black and white rug that was in here into the guest bedroom. Then, we bought a new rug for the living room that has been muuuuuch better for hiding dirt, sleeping on the floor, and kneeling on while playing board games. I guess I'm really into white furniture right now (I blame cousin Ashley and her furniture painting), because I decided that blue dresser needed to be white dresser. Also painted red lamp white. ALL THE WHITE PAINT!!!


  1. I like where this is going. Also, I hope newly white lamp is not MATTE. :B

    1. Newly white lamp is... drumroll... semi gloss!!!