18 March 2016


The Querque has really been hitting the concert scene out of the park the past few months. Foo Fighters, MUTEMATH and now Metric. And we're going to see Foals next month! What is next?! T

The Metric concert was really good. Josh and I both love their music, but paired with the visuals it's even better. There were more people to "deal with" at this concert than the MUTEMATH concert, but we survived. I felt really bad for this one girl who fainted and had to be escorted out of the pit area by one of the venue officials. I really hope she got to watch the concert from somewhere else in the venue!

Joywave opened for them and they were great! We knew a couple of their songs before going to the concert, but definitely not all of them. The lead singer was really surprised when people in the crowd knew some of their songs. They are a pretty new band, but one of their songs is on a Google Nexus commercial right now. I immediately bought their album the next day and has been looping in my car for going on a week now.

Setlist that is still up for debate:
Help I'm Alive
Youth Without Youth
Twilight Galaxy
Hustle Rose
Too Bad, So Sad
Artificial Nocturne
Dreams So Real
Sick Muse
Collect Call
Other Side
Black Sheep
Combat Baby
Gold Guns Girls
The Shade

Gimme Sympathy
Breathing Underwater (my favorite)

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