20 April 2016

Confession #81

Ok you guys.


How did I do this?

Also, how am I so bad with irons?! I have gone through 5 in the past 7 years or so. That is almost one iron per year. I almost buy a new iron every year. One was a Rowenta that never worked right, so that one isn't exactly my fault. One was an iron that Sarah and Owen gave Josh, so I didn't buy that one. But I sure did accidentally knock it off of a shelf. It then bounced onto a washer and onto the floor. The next two have both been the Black & Decker model pictured above. These irons are perfect unless you knock them off of your ironing board. Usually when irons fall off of things the metal part separates from the plastic part. The last one I killed (pictured above) defeated physics and landed on the very tip.

I'm currently on #3 of this model and am being super careful with it.

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