14 April 2016


Loving: All of the random sewing jobs people have been bringing me. In the past few weeks, I have made 4 tote bags, altered 5 suits, replaced 2 pant zippers, hemmed 2 pairs of pants, and started a twin quilt for my landlady.

Reading: KLG recommended The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, so I'm going to try it out. I saw the author on Nightline and she folded t-shirts like an evil genius, so I feel confident I'll like the book.

Watching: Nightline/Dateline/20/20/Cops. I just finished the first two seasons of the podcast Serial, and I'm probably going through crime withdrawals.

Thinking about: Applying to be in a few craft fairs or markets of some sort out of state. I've done a few in the past and sold things that I have in my Etsy shop, but there are not many in New Mexico.

Excited about: Jean and Aaron coming to see us this weekend! As long as the weather cooperates with us, we are going to go hiking and play board games (not at the same time). I'm sure I will ask them 1.5 million questions about when they lived in Australia. And about when they helped sea turtles. And about the Austin life, because I always like to know what one of my favorite cities is up to.

Looking forward to: My friend Laine's family portraits that I'll be shooting in a couple of weeks. She has the cutest kids, it's spring in Santa Fe, and I have the perfect location in mind. Eeeek!

Making me happy: Broccoli slaw. Just discovered that was a thing and that I really like it!

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  1. Broccoli slaw: add dried cranberries. Just doooo itttt.