15 April 2016

Favorite Podcasts

Somehow for the first couple of years that I had an iPhone I didn't realize that a) most podcasts are free and b) you can download them on your phone. I thought you had to use wifi or cell data and pay a fee per episode. HA! My sister in law and brother in law kindly set me straight, got me started on their favorites, and I am now a podcast listening fool. I've also discovered that listening to podcasts while running is the best help to me for keeping my pace. Here are a few of my favorites!

A Way With Words- This one is pure nerd and I LOVE it. Someone calls in with a question about where a word came from, or are they using a word correctly, etc. Then the hosts answer all of their questions. Sometimes they end up unearthing new slang or making new rules because of new technology.

Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me!- Current events game show. Josh and I like to save a bunch of these for a drive to Arizona. We also both try to answer the questions before the contestants/each other.
 Serial- Serial takes patience and dedication. There are currently two seasons that look in depth at two separate legal cases. Each episode is about 45-50 minutes long. The first season is about a homocide that happened in the early 90s. The second season is about Bowe Bergdahl. The host picks apart the cases and sniffs out random details like a bloodhound.


  1. love me a good podcast! You should try Criminal, I started it a couple of weeks ago and am addicted!

  2. I love the first two. Haven't tried the third yet.