04 April 2016

Favorite Trend: Clogs

The style of the 70s is back in full force. Flare jeans. Long, bohemian hair. Tunics. I think these are tied with the flare jeans for favorites of mine, but I am loving all of the clogs that have been coming out lately. Particularly the mary jane versions. I had a pair way back in middle school, but never found anymore until recently. Many thanks to the higher up bloggers, like Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, for bringing clogs back into fashion. I was having trouble finding a good looking pair of clogs for under $100, but have found a couple in the past few months. There still are not many options out there. Here are some favorite styles! 
Fringy Sandal
Swedish Hasbeens
Revel Faux Wood Bottom Mary Jane Clog
Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Carla Clog


  1. Swedish Wooden clogs - they never get old. They have been around since 70s i guess and they are still fashion and people love wearing them because of the obvious reasons(Comfort and style).