30 April 2016


Albuquerque concert for the win again!!
Josh and I have really been hitting the jackpot with concerts coming to Albuquerque in the past few months. This week, we got to see Foals in concert at the Sunshine Theater. Now that was a rock show. Since New Mexico is so small, we have been in the first few rows of every concert this year. At this concert we were so close we were accidentally in a small mosh pit that started up! These guys really put on a great show. The lead singer crowd surfed several times with both his corded guitar and corded mic. 

Set List:
Snake Oil
Olympic Airways
My Number
Give It All
Providence (my favorite)
Mountain At My Gates
Spanish Sahara
Red Sox Pugie
Late Night
What Went Down
Two Steps Twice

1 comment:

  1. Glad the band was good and you survived Albuquerque! And even the mosh pit!