21 April 2016

Jean and Aaron do Santa Fe

Charms nailed to the bell at San Miguel Mission; not pictured is the butt charm Jean and I noticed.
A couple of our favorite Brits/Austinites, Jean and Aaron, visited us this past weekend! They are our most adventurous friends, so Josh and I took them on a couple of Santi adventures. What was really perfect was that it snowed and rained most of the time they were here. But! That did not stop us from a tour around historic downtown, dinner at Rooftop Pizza, a hike on the Atalaya Trail, and much board game playing. Jean, Aaron and Josh are hiking pros and dominated the mountain. Josh took most of these pictures, because I barely survived the hike up the mountain. HA!

Josh in his mountain pose
Me in my mountain pose
Plains Pocket Mouse
Playing Gonzaga

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  1. Thanks for all the adventures! We had a great time!