26 April 2016

Meeting Edward

 Last Friday, Josh and I flew over to Dallas to meet our newest nephew, Edward Michael. Sarah and Owen really know how to make the sweetest babies. We really love getting to spend time with them and also know we're lucky to be friends with our family. 
Churro was adorable as usual- still super into balls and trains. He has the funniest facial expressions right now. He also kept calling me "Rachel" (his other aunt) and Josh "Grandpa." Calling me Rachel is understandable, but we're still wondering why Josh was Grandpa. Ha!

My #1 favorite chocolate lab, Lewis
I love all of the light in their living room *heart eyes*
To think he has a PhD...
This was the fanciest Starbuck's drive-thru I've ever seen! It is in a new development in McKinney called "Adriatica Village." It will have apartments, houses and businesses. The architecture is based on a Croatian village, although I'm not sure Croatians stamp their cobblestone into concrete. (website)

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  1. We just loved having you! Always goes by too fast. : (