19 April 2016

Recent Projects

 Spray painting does the heart good sometimes. These three metal folding chairs have been in our backyard since we moved in, but they always looked really gross- rusty, spidery and blech. A good cleaning and a few coats of spray paint really fixed them up!

 When I visited East Texas in October, my Aunt Bonnie and I went to the estate sale of a family friend and found several quilts and quilt tops. This is one of the two quilt tops I bought. It was a weird/in-between size, so I cut it in half and then halved one of the halves. It's a lot of fun pairing the really old fabrics in the quilt top with throw back fabrics that are currently in print.
Emily's Bible study teacher sends me sewing projects occasionally, but this one is my favorite. She had a few hexie quilt blocks from one of her family members, but there weren't enough to make a whole quilt. She had the darling idea to appliqué them onto a tote bag and give them as presents to her cousins. I made four (lined) tote bags and appliquéd the blocks onto the bags. It was hard to send these back to her, because they were so cute.

PS: This is my favorite batting that JoAnn's sells. I noticed on their website they have a 90" by 6 yard roll of it on sale for $30 right now. It's their "Batting of the Month" and a steal!!

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