02 May 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Fiesta!!!

Fiesta's first visit to the West Coast.
 Happy 5th Birthday, Fiesta!!
This little car is probably part of my personality by now. I thoroughly enjoy driving her- it's a lot like driving a large go-cart. She gets great gas mileage, can accommodate most of my projects and has been really great driving through the small streets of Santa Fe. I would probably join a Ford Fiesta club if there were such a thing. She has almost 70,000 miles on her and I hope to take her on many more adventures*!
A Sequoia as big as Fiesta.

Kid you not, Fiesta could fit in the bed of this truck.
Fiesta's first trunk or treat.
First day with Fiesta!
Right after getting her windows tinted.

*While I really love my Fiesta and hope for more adventures, she is A LOT of work. Mine has had several serious things go wrong, which has led to several costly repairs. I have also had a couple of people hit my parked car, because they didn't see her. You can chalk most of these things up to my family's historically/humorously bad luck.

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